How to check the counterparty by EGRIP

The tax authorities recommend that when entering into any civil law contracts, the counterparties are checked using special tools. Such checks are necessary in order to avoid fraud, the provision of false data by unscrupulous organizations, individual entrepreneurs. As a result of the inspection, any interested person will receive an extract in which the main information about the counterparty will be recorded, which will significantly simplify the upcoming cooperation with him. For verification, you can use two main methods: a special service on the official website of the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation and a written request to the tax inspectorate to provide the necessary information.

Use of service to verify counterparties

The easiest way to verify a counterparty for EGRIP is to use an electronic service on the official website of the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation. To implement this method, you need to go to this resource, follow the link “Business Risks: Check Yourself and the Counterparty” located in the “Electronic Services” menu.As a result, a window will open with a special form to fill out and search. At the top of this form, select the “Individual Entrepreneur / KFH” item, then enter the specific entrepreneur data for search.
The user is invited to search by OGRNP / INN (any of these options to choose from) or by name and region of the counterparty. The simplest and most accurate is the first named method, since it eliminates namesakes. In the special line, enter the OGRNP or TIN of the counterparty, then fill in the verification code and click "Find". In the search results you can download a brief statement in relation to the entrepreneur.

A written request to the tax office

More difficult and costly is the method of checking the counterparty associated with sending a written request to the tax office. In this case, you must first pay the state duty, fill out an application for information, and submit it yourself to the tax authority. As a result, in a few days the applicant will be issued an official statement in respect of the individual entrepreneur.The information in this statement will be completely identical to the information that is obtained instantaneously and free of charge when using a special service, therefore, if there is an opportunity, it is recommended to use the first described method.

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