How to check the income and expense book

You will need
  • - the book of the account of the income and expenses in paper form or printout of the electronic document;
  • - A visit to the tax office.
If the bookincomeandexpensesIt is conducted in electronic form, it is necessary to certify it in tax after it has made the last entry. It turns out that it is optimal to do this at the end of the year, when you do not expect receipts and are taken into accountexpensesbear not planning, or early next year.
Print outthe book, sign and seal in the necessary places and sew it in three threads.
Sew so that the ends of the threads at the end of the process are on the back of the document. Leave a small piece of thread and stick them to the paper, on which indicate the number of sheets in the document, the date, sign with the decryption (surname and initials) and the position (individual entrepreneur or head of the organization) and stamp.
Take the finished document to the tax office and transfer it to a special window or to your inspector. Behind the certified bookincomeandexpensescome in 10 days.

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