How to check the starting capacitor

Consider how to check the starting capacitor of the circulation pump. According to this principle, any starting capacitors are investigated. An asynchronous motor is used to rotate the pump turbine. To launch the anchor, you need to create a phase shift at the initial stage of the launch. This action is achieved by using a capacitor placed on the auxiliary winding. Principle of operation. A capacitor consists of two metal plates parallel to each other and interconnected by a dielectric pad. The larger the area of ​​the plates, the greater its capacity, which is measured in microfarads, picofarads, etc. When a positive voltage is applied to the contacts of a capacitor, this energy is accumulated between the plates, and when a negative voltage appears, it returns to the circuit. Since the alternating voltage consists of constantly changing negative and positive charges, thanks to the capacitor, the oscillations are aligned towards the positive voltage.This contributes to the creation, at the initial stage of operation of an asynchronous motor, a magnetic field, which rotates the armature. the pump will not start, in the second case the engine will rotate in jerks. Checking the capacitor. There are several ways to check the capacitors. Safe method - a special device is used to test a capacitor or an ohmmeter, and a dangerous method - conclusions about its performance are made by discharging a charged capacitor. Also a broken capacitor has external signs of a malfunction: electrolyte leakage, swollen housing. To measure the capacitance of a capacitor with a special device is not difficult. To do this, just need to turn it on and put the lever on a larger than the checked value, touch the probes to the contacts. Then compare the obtained value with the specified information on the case.
 How to check the starting capacitor
If the deviations are small (± 15%),the part is in good order if values ​​are missing or below the allowable range, then the starting capacitor should be replaced. We will not consider the dangerous method, as it violates the safety precautions when working with capacitors. Let us consider the indirect method of determining the state of a storage device using an ohmmeter. Examining the performance of a capacitor by an ohmmeter. 1. Disconnect its contacts from the engine. 2. For ease of measurement in some circulation pumps, the outer cover and terminals should be disconnected.
 How to check the starting capacitor
3. Before testing, discharge the capacitor; for this, close its contacts, for example, with a flat-head screwdriver. 4. Switch the multimeter to the test position for 2000 kilo ohms. 5. Inspect the findings for mechanical damage, oxidation. A poor connection will adversely affect the measurement accuracy. 6. Connect the probe to the capacitor leads and monitor the numbers.If the values ​​start changing in this way: 1 ... 10 ... 102 ... 159 ... 1, then the capacitor is in good condition. The numbers may be different, the main thing is that there are changes from 1 to 1. If the values ​​of the device do not change (the number 1 is displayed on the display) or zero is displayed, then the part is faulty. To re-check, the capacitor should be discharged and re-repeat item number 5.
 How to check the starting capacitor
The provided method will not allow you to fully measure the capacitance of the capacitor, but it will reveal its condition without a special device.

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