How to choose a boat?

Have you decided to buy a boat for fishing? Or just want to ride in rivers and lakes in your free time? Then our article in which we will tell you how to choose a boat will be very helpful. It will be a question of usual inflatable boats for driving on reservoirs and for fishing.

How to choose an inflatable boat

Today, the stores offer a huge selection of various inflatable boats, which are made mainly of two materials: hypalon and PVC. Hypalon is one of the types of rubber, PVC is the well-known polyvinyl chloride.

Advantages and disadvantages of inflatable boats

Before you choose a rubber boat from a hip or a boat made of PVC (their characteristics, in general, are the same), we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the advantages and disadvantages of these boats. Let's start with the disadvantages:

  1. The course of these boats depends on the direction of the wind.
  2. Rubber boats can be damaged by various sharp objects (stones, glass, etc.).
  3. In case of strong heating, the coating may break.

Now about the benefits, which are two times more:

  1. Low fuel consumption due to low weight.
  2. Almost silent move.
  3. Shallow draft of the craft.
  4. Rubber boat is portable and mobile.
  5. Stability on water.
  6. All rubber boats are lightweight.

As you can see, the benefits are much greater, and with careful handling of the boat, nothing will happen. Of course, dependence on the wind can be a serious problem, but only if you need to come to a particular place. However, those who buy such products, as a rule, use them either as a means of pleasure or for fishing, so the question of direction is often irrelevant.

We check the material

Now let's talk about the parameters you should pay attention to in order to choose a boat for fishing or for walking. On the materials we have already spoken. Just see that the material of manufacture has the necessary certificate of quality, in which it will be written in black and white that the material is really intended to make inflatable boats out of it.

Spaciousness of the boat

Before you buy, decide how many places you want to buy a boat.Today there are single, double and multi-seat boats on sale. Experts note that the best option is to buy a double boat according to criteria such as compact design, capacity and capacity (up to 250 kg.).

Stitches and Transom

Carefully inspect the seams of the boat - they should not be traces of glue. In addition, the fabric around the seam should be the same color and texture as the material from which the boat itself is made. It is desirable that strips should be pasted on top of the seam to prevent the material from being erased and torn. Pay attention to the mount transom - boards under the motor, it should be as durable as possible.

Pump and paddles

Pump is best to choose Russian. Of course, they may not be distinguished by their chic appearance, but our pumps are exceptionally durable and reliable. For an inflatable rubber boat, a frog pump is best suited. Paddles for your boat, you can choose from aluminum or wood with blades made of plastic or polypropylene. Plastic blades have a large area, but they are sensitive to temperature and mechanical stress.The blades of polypropylene have a smaller area, but more durable and reliable, so for long walks they are better suited.


Now a few words about the so-called payolah. These sheets from which the floor is assembled for an inflatable boat. Basically, the plasterboard is made of two materials: aluminum and plywood. If you buy a boat only for walks, then, in general, there is no difference what material will be made from the wallpaper. If you need a boat for fishing, we advise you to purchase a structure with plywood payoli, since plywood has much better sound insulation than aluminum.


And finally, the last thing you need to pay attention to when choosing an inflatable boat is the keel gear. If the boat has a keel, it means that it will go on the water much faster and smoother, which is ensured by cutting the wave with a keel. Well, that's all. Let's hope that now you know how to choose a boat PVC or hipalonov for walking or fishing.

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