How to choose a good and inexpensive sokovarku?

Summer is a wonderful time for stockpiling for the winter. Each hostess gladly prepares jam, pickles and pickles. But for health more benefits will bring the use of fruit or vegetable natural juices.

On the shelves of supermarkets there are a lot of them, and almost all of them have the inscription “100% natural”, but if you carefully read the composition, you will see far from what you would like. These juices contain dyes, preservatives, and so on.

Hand-made juice, for use will be the best option, besides - really natural. You can get it using a juicer or juicer.

A juicer can make a glass of freshly squeezed nectar in a few minutes, but if you need volumes much more, then a juice cooker will help. Their functions are completely different. Usually, the juice cooker has the following components: a water tank, a juice collection tank, a colander, a drain tube, a clip and a lid.


  1. Before cooking, be sure to rinse the appliance with hot water and boil the rubber tube.
  2. The bottom container should be filled with water, about 2 cm below the top edge, put on a gas stove and bring to a boil. Then, to reduce the intensity of boiling, just screw the fire on the burner.
  3. After, it is necessary to put a container for collecting juice, and on top of it is a colander with chopped fruits. You can also use whole berries. It's all on top you need to cover. Use a spring clamp to close the drain tube.
  4. In the process of boiling water, the formed steam rises upwards, passing through a colander in which vegetables or fruits are located and causes them to release juice. The released nectar escapes into a special container. Without stopping the process of cooking, the resulting juice through the tube merges into a pre-cooked dish. Use a spring clip to shut off the drain tube when the dishes are full.
  5. The resulting juice is recommended immediately pour into pre-sterilized jars or bottles.

Juice time for soft fruits (raspberries, strawberries) is 20-30 minutes, for medium hardness (currants, blueberries) 30-40 minutes, for hard fruits (apples, pears) 45-60 minutes.Finely chopped products will be better to allocate juice, and its cooking time will decrease. In it, you can also prepare a mixture of juices.

To get good juice, you need to use high-quality water. Tap water can ruin it.


Sokovarka on a design reminds a pan in which water boils. Previously, they were made of aluminum, and recently - from high-quality stainless steel.

Sosovarki stainless steel is preferable, since this metal is not exposed to corrosive media, it washes well and looks prettier compared to aluminum. Among the producers can be identified both domestic and foreign. They have a glass cover and a silicone hose.

Aluminum juice cookers are cheaper than those made from stainless steel, but they are slightly worse, since the material is rather soft and more exposed to mechanical stress.

If the dishes are damaged, aluminum can react with vegetables or fruits, from which their quality deteriorates. The advantage of the stainless steel juice cooker is that it can be used on induction cookers, which is not allowed by the aluminum juice cooker.


When choosing a juice cooker, pay attention to its spaciousness. In everyday life, volumes up to 6 liters are most often used. Up to 10 liters are also available. It all depends on what volume of products you are going to process.

If you have to work with such a device in the country, where there is no plate, it is recommended to buy electric juice. In this case, before using, be sure to make sure that there are no problems with the outlet.

These specifications will also help you in your selection.

Juicers and juicers have their advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages of juicers:

  • high speed of processing and juicing for a short period of time;
  • In the resulting juice, more vitamins are stored, and it is more “natural.”


  • noise level during processing of products;
  • receiving cake which is unsuitable for further use;
  • the prepared nectar is rapidly oxidized, and in the future, without sterilization, it is not stored for a long time;
  • due to some constructive complexity, difficulties arise in the care and cleaning;
  • during cooking, there is a need to constantly report fruit or vegetables to the receiver.

Advantages of juicers:

  • almost no noise;
  • Sokovarku can be used as a double boiler (and even as a separate pan);
  • ease of care;
  • as the resulting juice is subjected to heat treatment, there is no need for additional sterilization;
  • after extracting the juice, from the remaining fruit can be prepared or marmalade, or mashed potatoes;
  • The simplicity of the design, which almost does not break.


  • it takes a lot of time to prepare the product;
  • the resulting juice is hot, which excludes the possibility of its rapid use;
  • according to the technology of production, water enters the juice, reducing its concentration.

So that the process of evaporation of the juice was always under control, it is recommended that the juice cooker has a temperature sensor.

From all this, we can conclude that the juice cooker has the full right to exist. Like any device, it has some drawbacks, but they cannot withstand all the advantages and advantages. Someone more convenient to use a juicer, someone juicer, and some even need both units. In any case, thanks to them, you can pamper yourself with natural juice.

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