How to choose a good home

Carefully inspect the foundation, because it is he who is the basis of the entire structure, as it carries the weightat homeon the ground. View the base around the home. Seen cracks, albeit small, should make you think about the correctness of the choice. The foundation with defects must be repaired. If the house has a basement, be sure to look into it and inspect it from the inside, perhaps there are cracks there. Repair of the foundation is not a cheap pleasure, so you are entitled to demand a discount from the owner upon purchase.
The choice of wall material, of course, depends only on your personal preferences. The advantage of wooden houses is environmental friendliness and thermal insulation. In the summer in such a structure is not hot, and in the winter, in the presence of a heating system, it is not cold. Be wary ofat homem, built of foam concrete blocks, although they are quite durable, they must be covered outside with a layer of brick or siding.If there is no concrete reinforcement belt between the walls and the roof, the structure in a couple of years will become dangerous for your life.
Brickat homeconsidered the most reliable in their design. But do not trust the overall impression. Carefully inspect the walls, if you see that somewhere laying cement between bricks is thicker, think about finding other options, because in this way the owners are trying to hide the cracks formed from the destruction of the foundation.
Inspect the roofat home. Its edges should protrude approximately 40 cm above the walls in order to ensure a good drain without moisture entering the walls and foundation. See also how tightly the drainage channels are connected to the roof. If there are no indents and pipes, then precipitation will be absorbed into the walls and then destroy the foundation, which will cause the house to be in an emergency condition.
Inspect the status of the communications. It is better to buy a house with gas heating, since electric boilers consume a lot of energy, living in the winter in such a room will be a pretty penny.

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