How to choose a hair iron

Give preference to models that have a temperature regulator and an overheat protection system. The importance of this criterion is due to the fact that the greatest harmhairWhen using irons, temperature can be applied. In addition, a model with a temperature regulator will allow you to choose the mode that suits you the most, and also help protecthairExcessive dryness and damage.
Since the irons are of different types, pay attention to which plates the model has. The least cost are specimens with plates made of metal, however, with long-term use of such a device, it will greatly damagehairs. More effective, but at the same time, expensive models with ceramic plates, with anodic oxide or tourmaline surface. They have excellent wear resistance and have anti-corrosion properties.
When choosing a suitable model, an important factor is the lengthhairand their structure. So, the ironing surface should be larger, the longer and thickerhairs, and for short it is better to use an iron with a narrow width of the surface. In addition, if you are the owner of hard and thick curls - the width of the plates in the ironing should be 4-7 cm, if yourhairs are dry and damaged - a model will fit, the plates of which will be about 3 cm wide, and for straight, healthyhairit can be 2.5 cm.
Keep in mind that irons are professional and amateur. If possible, try to get a professional model, because besides the possibility of precise adjustment of the temperature regime, rapid heating of the surface, these irons also have a number of other useful functions. For example, it may be ionization (it does not allow static electricity to occur) or the ability to use the iron not only with dry, but also with wethairOh. Also, some professional models have a function that allows using the infrared thermal radiation to smooth the structure.hairand moisturize them, which makes it possible to achieve a more lasting result after using the ironing.

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