How to choose a remedy for tick bites

There are a lot of drugs advertised as a reliable and highly effective remedy for ticks. But not every printed word must be believed, so carefully study the composition of this protective agent. If it is based on DEET (diethyltoluamide), then it should contain at least 20 mass percent of this component. Otherwise, the protective function will be expressed very weakly. It is best if the tool contains at least 30% DETA. Such products include the “Moskitol” and “Gardex” series drugs. For example, Gardex Extreme Super contains 50% DEET, which provides a very good protective effect.
Means based on DETA can be applied on the skin, as well as on clothing made from natural fibers. Some types of synthetic fiber from the effects of DETA dissolve. The protective effect, depending on the temperature and humidity of the air, is from 4 to 15 hours. DEET well repels blood-sucking insects, but does not kill them.
There is a wide list of drugs based on permethrin - a substance belonging to the group of natural insecticides. Such substances are contained in some flowers, for example, in Dalmatian chamomile. These drugs can not be applied to the skin, they are treated only with clothes. They compare favorably with DEET by a much longer term of protective action. Clothing dried with this preparation, after drying, provides protection against blood-sucking insects for two weeks. Then processing should be repeated. Such drugs include, for example, the “Anti-mite” series. Insect, having come into contact with clothing treated with a permethrin-based preparation, dies.
Of course, when choosing a protective agent, be guided not only by its promised effectiveness, but also by your own sensations. For example, some people may have an individual intolerance to some component that is included in the composition of the product, while some may find its smell very unpleasant.

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