How to choose a shower corner

You will need
  • - tape measure.
Determine the size of the futureshowercabins. To do this, use the tape measure to measure out the space left in the bathroom undershowercorner. Pay special attention to this aspect if you have a small bathroom: there are no mistakes here, otherwiseshowercorner(if you buy more than the size) just does not fit in the room.
Naturally, if you have a large bathroom, then categorical when choosing the size of the shower corner is inappropriate: in this case, other criteria for choosing a shower box will play a greater role.
When choosing the size of the shower enclosure, do not forget that there is such an important indicator as the minimum space around the shower enclosure, washbasin and other items in the bathroom interior. From this point of view, an important evaluative criterion is the ability to normally approach the shower box and freely open its door.
In order to save space, you can chooseshowercornerwith movable or folding doors.
Pay attention to the tightness presented to your attention shower boxes. Given this evaluation criterion, it is advisable to chooseshowercornerfrom the manufacturer providing a multi-year warranty on your product.
When choosing a shower, your financial capabilities are also important. For example, can you afford to buy durable glassshowerboxing or stop at a plastic shower enclosure that, after a few years of everyday use, will lose its former appearance (for example, low-quality plastic will dim from contact with hot water).

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