How to choose a sport pregnant

It is known that moderate exercise during pregnancy helps to improve emotional mood and improve mental state. Regular exercise teaches relaxation, helps fight hemorrhoids and constipation, reduces back pain, improves blood circulation and maintains excellent physical fitness.
To exercise in the period of pregnancy have benefited, there are special sets of exercises that are developed by qualified professionals. Well, if the future mom's classes will be held under the supervision of an experienced instructor. At this time, the load should be not so much regular, as dosed.
The optimal training for the future mother - classes in specialized groups for pregnant women. Such classes can also be held in a sports club, on courses for preparing for childbirth or in schools for expectant mothers. The main focus - training the muscles that are involved during childbirth.Also in the classroom a lot of attention is paid to the ability to relax and to practice breathing.
Water aerobics and swimming - a great option for sports activities for pregnant women. Water makes all movements smooth, helps to relieve the spine, allows you to achieve the necessary load on the body. Note: future mothers should pay particular attention to the choice of the pool, since during this period health should be monitored more than ever. Preference should be given to swimming pools with regular and safe water treatment.
There is a certain list of sports that are contraindicated for pregnant women in any period. As a rule, it is physical activity associated with the tension of the abdominal muscles, abrupt jumps, a possible abdominal trauma or the risk of falling. These sports include: weightlifting, biking, skating, running, horseback riding. With the restriction and for the health of the future mother skiing is allowed. Training should take place on a flat terrain. Only skiing is allowed. It is worth noting that skiing is completely excluded.
During pregnancy, many experts recommend to do Pilates.These are not debilitating, but quite sparing exercises that are aimed at strengthening muscles. This direction improves stretching, teaches to control your body and control muscles.
One of the favorite activities of future mothers is yoga. Such training is mainly aimed at maintaining patience, peace and tranquility.

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