How to choose a stabilizer for a heating boiler?


Type of stabilizer

The functions of any stabilizer are as follows. The device responds to the amount of voltage in the network and corrects it before applying current to the appliance. If the indicators are much higher than the permissible, protection is triggered, breaking the electrical circuit. When the voltage returns to normal, the boiler will resume operation.

The range of stores includes stabilizers for boilers, differing in many parameters. Devices can be mounted, floor, single-phase and three-phase, operating from direct and alternating current.

By the method of switching windings, the following types of stabilizers are distinguished:

  1. Electromechanical (with servo). The device is similar to automotive transformer. Advantages of an electromechanical stabilizer: small dimensions, smooth voltage regulation, maintenance of performance during power surges.
  2. Electronic (relay). The design provides a relay.Devices are inexpensive, fairly reliable. They do not require maintenance, quickly switch when the input signal fluctuates.
  3. Triac. Contain triacs and relays. Structures differ in durability, in them parts that would wear out during the process of mechanical operation. Units work silently, ensure uninterrupted operation of the boiler. The system includes multi-level protection against overcurrent, short circuit, excessively high or low voltage.
  4. Thyristor. They have thyristor keys that affect the sinusoidal current. The operation of the device is regulated by the processor. Such models are durable, silent, immediately react to voltage changes.


When buying, decide what power should be the stabilizer. Consider the total for gas boiler and pump. You should also be aware that when the pump starts, the current consumption exceeds the nominal value by almost 3 times.

Study the technical characteristics of the equipment specified in the passport of the unit. When determining the required value, the load power should be multiplied by 5. Multiply the resulting number by 1.3 (protection factor).Get the amount of power stabilizer.

Range of allowable voltage values

The range of permissible voltage values at the input is one of the main characteristics of stabilizers. The parameter shows with what voltage indicators the device is able to cope and convert them into a value close to 220 V.

The larger the range, the better. It is recommended to choose a stabilizer, considering the reserve. That is, if the voltage drops, say up to 180 V, pay attention to devices with a lower limit of 160 V. Also determine the upper limit of the range.

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