How to choose a stove for a bath

Choosing a stove should begin with deciding which bath you want to have: a Russian steam bath or a sauna. The difference in humidity in the room. Saunas are heated with more dry steam, Russian steam rooms are wet. First measure the roombathsand entrance opening. It is necessary to easily dismantle.bakewhen it breaks.
When making a stove, choose the right heat-resistant metal for its body. The presence of a high percentage of chromium (from 13%) will provide an easy body design with maximum heating of the room.
Choose the structure with the largest volume of the heater - the places where the stones will be put to create the “right” pair. Its volume is determined on the basis of the mass of stones required for heating this room, 2.5-6 kg per 1 m3.
Choose cast iron construction for the grate. The grate serves to supply air to the firebox; it is on it that burning coals accumulate, and not every metal can withstand the temperature.

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