How to choose a tie for a suit

A white shirt can be complemented with a tie of any color, the color is better to choose such an accessory to shade darker than the color of the shirt. In this case, the tie should not particularly stand out from the rest of the clothes. Optimally, if the whole ensemble is represented by a dark suit, a light shirt and a tie of medium tones. The tie cannot be wider than the jacket’s lapels, and when tied, it should reach the belt buckle.

Difficult combinations

Shirts in a strip or in a cage are perfectly combined with the ties decorated with a geometrical pattern. For adherents of conservative views, it is recommended to pay attention to solid ties. The diversity of appearance will look pretty ridiculous - this applies to those moments when a man chooses many elements of the attire, burdened with complex drawings.
The tie to a dark suit will be attached to a tie with a pattern, while the trousers and jacket should be dark and the shirt should be lighter in tone.Vulgar ties with inscriptions, comics and tropical pictures should be removed from the wardrobe.
Men of short stature should buy ties in small peas. It is believed that such a pattern would give the costume a greater elegance. Thin representatives of the strong half of humanity can afford a similar accessory with a large pattern, and the color of the peas should be the same shade as the shirt.

Modern types of neckties

Stylists divide the ties into winter and summer, and this gradation is based on color and material. For example, on frosty days, it is recommended to choose dark copies of wool, and in the summer heat - light silk ties.
The bow tie deserves special attention. It is appropriate at various celebrations. A velvet butterfly in combination with a tuxedo, as well as a color version in an ensemble with jeans and a bright shirt is considered to be a win-win.
A good tie should be made of quality material and tailored to the side. This will allow the knot to be strong enough and not twist. Brand models are not sewn from the inside to the end.Ties should not be washed - only dry cleaning is allowed.
It should be noted that the magnitude of the knot depends on the size of the collar: for an acute, a narrow and long one is formed, and for a rounded one, an ordinary classic is quite acceptable. In general, the tie knot must be in harmony with the collar, otherwise it is considered failed.

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