How to choose a washing vacuum cleaner? What washing vacuum cleaner to choose?

How to choose a washing vacuum cleaner? What washing vacuum cleaner to choose?

How to choose a washing vacuum cleaner? What washing vacuum cleaner to choose?

Modern developers have invented and developed a vacuum cleaner capable of not only cleaning dust well, but also doing wet cleaning and washing floors.


With the advent of the washing vacuum cleaner, the cleaning of large apartments was simplified, those who like to keep our brothers smaller, as well as for those who suffer from allergies (in this case, you can also get acquainted with how to choose a steam cleaner). When choosing a vacuum cleaner, the question always arises not only how to choose a vacuum cleaner, but how to choose a washing vacuum cleaner correctly?


What washing vacuum cleaner to choose?



When choosing a washing vacuum cleaner pay attention to the following characteristics:


Suction power

How to choose a washing vacuum cleaner? What washing vacuum cleaner to choose?

How to choose a washing vacuum cleaner? What washing vacuum cleaner to choose?


Models of vacuum cleaners with various built-in filters, with a suction power of 400 watts, are suitable for quick cleaning of home areas.The more suction power - the better, we will consider an additional resource, which will not overload the vacuum cleaner.


When buying a vacuum cleaner, you need to remember that the suction power and power consumption of electricity, different concepts. Unscrupulous manufacturers use the credulity of customers and operate with a power consumption of 1,500, 2,000 watts for advertising purposes.


Consumers decide that the more power they consume, the better, which is not true. The best household vacuum cleaners have a suction power of up to 900 W, and the power consumption is very often less than in cheap similar units.


On washing vacuum cleaners indicate the average (nominal) power of suction and the maximum, which happens only at the beginning of work. The maximum power exceeds the average from 15% to 30% when choosing a vacuum cleaner, you need to take into account this difference, and you buy the best model that suits you.


Dust Filtration System


In the washing vacuum cleaners a water tank is installed, up to 95% of the collected dust falls into it. She gets wet and lingers in the tank. Light dust remains on the fine filters. Vacuum cleaners that have more filtration stages will help to clean and clean the house and apartment better and better. The best in this respect, vacuum cleaners with aqua filter.


Size, shape, weight of the washing vacuum cleaner


In the market, vacuum cleaners are available in two versions - vertical and horizontal. The vacuum cleaner in vertical design is similar to the "bucket", the body has the shape of a cylinder or a trapezoid. Such models are larger and heavy. Vacuum cleaners of vertical design can be used for cleaning large apartments. Horizontal models are very maneuverable, compact and suitable for small rooms, city apartments. Such vacuum cleaners are generally droplet-shaped, and they are very light.


The size and weight of the washing vacuum cleaner is directly dependent on the volume of containers for clean water and dirty.


How to choose a washing vacuum cleaner? What washing vacuum cleaner to choose?


The volume of tanks for pure water varies from 2.3 to 10 liters. The size of the tank with dirty liquid - from 5 to 20 liters. To clean the standard three-room apartment will need 5 liters of water.


Easy maintenance


When choosing a washing vacuum cleaner, you should pay attention to its convenience in operation. Each time after use, the vacuum cleaner must be disassembled and rinsed. This process should not take more than 10-15 minutes with disassembly and assembly. There are models in which nodes are difficult to access and therefore everything takes a lot of time.For example, in VAX vacuum cleaners, tanks are placed one above the other; to fill in detergent or water, you need to open the locks located on the case, remove the cover and the engine located on it. When draining dirt, remove the top bachek as well. Agree that it is tiring.


Vacuum cleaner hose and tube


The models of vacuum cleaners in recent years are equipped with very comfortable telescopic tubes. This allows you to push the suction tube under any growth, which is very convenient. There are manufacturers who, on the sliding tubes, fix the remote control with a vacuum cleaner.


Types of management:

  • wire - inside the hose from the vacuum cleaner to the handle are suitable wires, but the hose becomes heavy;
  • infrared - powered by batteries, but does not work in hard to reach places;
  • radio control - clearly works, such vacuum cleaners are still small, the price increases.


Telescopic tubes are made of aluminum, plastic and steel. The most reliable and strong tube made of steel. The plastic tube is light but fragile.


Nozzles for washing the vacuum cleaner


Each washing vacuum cleaner has 5-7 nozzles in a set: for dry cleaning, for wet cleaning, for cleaning upholstered furniture, washing windows, and sometimes - a plunger.


How to choose a washing vacuum cleaner? What washing vacuum cleaner to choose?




The noise level depends on the design of nodes and workmanship.The leading manufacturers have reduced the noise level of a working vacuum cleaner to 60-65 dB. Such noise emit washing or dishwasher. The noise level is not the most important characteristic, the vacuum cleaner is not in operation for long.


Let's summarize how to choose a washing vacuum cleaner. The choice of washing vacuum cleaners is very large, from different manufacturers. Approach the choice of this assistant slowly, weigh your own needs and the possibilities of vacuum cleaners on the market.

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