How to choose a wedding earrings

Irina Shchapova

Irina Shchapova,
fashion editor

In the script of the holiday called “your own wedding” every detail, every trifle is important. The choice of wedding dresses certainly will have to spend more than one evening - come up with an image in your head, sort through all the possible styles, place accessories and additional elements in your places. When the picture of your exit before the guests is formed, the wedding rings are picked up and waiting for your time, and the pictures from the wedding hairdress are kept on the desktop, after you there will be only one small "cherry on the cake" - wedding ornaments. Of course, you can get along with the “ring” or decide that your everyday earrings and pendants will remain in their places and on your wedding day. But, believe me, from the presence of beautiful ornaments, any outfit will only benefit, and you will have magnificent photos close-up of you and your unusual wedding earrings.

Sapphires - the "right hand" of diamonds

The deep blue shade of sapphires seems to have been created in order,to sparkle with all tones on a snow-white background, so you can rely on sapphires and diamonds as engagement and wedding stones, and then store them as a memory of a magic day.

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