How to choose boards from an array

A massive board is characterized by a wide range of sizes, the standard width is up to 20 cm, length is up to 3 m, thickness is up to 2 cm. Longitudinal laying of a long board visually reduces the room, short one increases it. Wide strips emphasize the solidity and respectability of the room, narrow - create a private atmosphere.

The quality parameters distinguish several types of solid wood. Different breeds are distinguished by uniform color and the presence of knots that determine the appearance of the material. Selection Fayn has a uniform appearance, there are completely no knots and eyes. In the selection of Premium allowed significant contrasts of colors and round knots. For Country and Rustic there are pronounced differences in color and structure, cracks and large knots are allowed.

Color solutions of a natural board are not limited to natural color of wood. Color enhancement is achieved by various tinting compositions, including azure, oil, varnish.The choice of shade is limited only by the preferences of the owners. You can process the usual wood under the exotic woods.

At the ends of the solid board there should be no cracks, the presence of which indicates violation of the technological process of drying the material. Cracks on the front surface indicate residual stress in the slats, which is a consequence of forced drying. Burnt ends remain after cutting board poorly sharpened tool. Between the planks laid out in a row there should be no slots and protrusions, the presence of which testifies to the disturbed geometry of the board from the array.

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