How to choose eye shadow

As you know, the eyes - a mirror of the soul. Beautiful eyes have always been in fashion. Every woman wants to emphasize the depth of her eyes and give them a perfect shape. Partially to achieve the desired effect is possible with the help of properly selected mascara.


However, with the help of shadows you can quite successfully not only emphasize all the beauty of your eyes, but also correct the flaws, if any. It is very interesting to experiment with shadows, besides their choice is simply huge.


Here, for example, dry shadows. Loose shadows, like powder. They can be mixed as you please, getting a particular shade. Compacts can also be mixed, but they can also be captured at any place with them and corrected with a make-up artist at the right time.


Dry shadows are different: flickering, dull.


Liquid shadows. With their help, you can effectively apply the contour with a special thin brush, which is usually attached to such shadows.


Shadows in the form of a pencil are also a good option. With their help, you can apply the contour. If desired, after applying the contour, they can be shaded and get a different effect.


With fat shadows, you need to be careful.The fact is that if they are applied too thick, they roll off and form wrinkles, which in turn looks messy and ugly. Therefore, liquid shadows can be mixed with dry.


The selection of the color of the shadows should be such as to accentuate your eyes, highlight them.


You need to be guided by your skin color and, naturally, the color of your eyes.


For blue eyes, light brown colors, peach shades, gray tones and gray-brown are more appropriate.


For brown eyes it is better to use golden, brown, lilac, green, olive, blue flowers and their shades. Brown-eyed women have the largest selection.


Green eyes go well with brown, peach, purple, golden flowers and their shades.


For gray eyes, choose purple, gray, light brown shades.


This is only an approximate guide, because only in the process of experimentation you will be able to find your own unique image.

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