How to choose jeans on the type of figure

It is difficult to imagine the wardrobe of a modern man without jeans. A huge variety of colors, models and styles allows you to choose jeans for any shape, age and taste.
Jeans vary in fabric composition: 100% cotton or stretch with elastane content. By planting jeans are divided into high, medium or low. And, of course, there are several models, different in silhouette.

How to choose a jeans model

The most versatile model is considered straight jeans. They look good on slender and fat women. These jeans are appropriate with any shoes: sports sneakers, ballet shoes or shoes with heels.
Flared jeans are also suitable for any figure, but look best on tall women. The fact is that such a model “steals” a couple of centimeters of height.
Jeans, tight-fitting hips and widening to the bottom of the leg, will suit the owners of the hourglass figure.Shoulders and hips must be equal in width, otherwise there will be disharmony in appearance.
Capricious skinny model tapers to the bottom of the leg. It is beneficial to emphasize the dignity of the figure in such jeans will be able to owners of slender legs. If your hips are not perfect, skinny jeans will highlight all the flaws in your body.
Wide in the length of the jeans require careful selection. Too free or short model can visually enlarge the hips.
Boyfriend jeans - a popular model for several years. They are suitable for women of medium and high growth. It is better to wear them in combination with shoes with heels. The only disadvantage of this model is that they are very similar to the male ones, so not all of the opposite sex will appreciate them.

How to choose a landing

The ideal option is an average fit of jeans. These jeans will not crawl down when trying to sit down and hide their sides if they are a problem area.
Jeans with a low fit will fit slender girls with long legs, as they visually shorten the shape. Such a model is insidious because it constantly opens the underwear.
Inflated jeans also look good on slender girls, because they emphasize the hips and belly. The advantage of this model is that it adds growth to their owner.
In addition to the model and fit, it should be noted that large pockets and decorative details at the top of the leg will attract attention to the hips. Therefore, women with curvaceous better to choose jeans without decor. But the owners of flat buttocks large patch pockets, on the contrary, will add the desired volume.

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