How to choose roller blinds, or Cardinal Alliance specialists recommend

There are no trifles in interior design. And the “clothes” for windows to be called a trifle will not turn. If you want the situation in the room to be stylish, light, functional and practical, pay close attention to the window design.

There is a huge amount of window decoration options. One of the most popular recent solutions is roller blinds, an interior accessory that combines an attractive appearance, ease of use, unpretentious care and practicality. Separately, it is worth noting the diversity of choice - modern manufacturers offer curtains of different sizes, made from different materials, with printed drawings, logos, and so on, which erases any boundaries from designer fantasy: with the help of roller blinds, you can turn any idea into reality ... Need only to be able to find your own among a huge number of options.Just about how to do this, and will be discussed below.

What should I look for when choosing roller blinds?

  1. First of all, decide on the system that makes the operation of curtains the most convenient and simple. All the variety of models presented in the modern market can be conditionally divided into two groups: curtains with a closed and open system of work. The open system includes the shaft (attached to the window), the fabric and the bar at the bottom of the fabric, characterized by ease of operation and repair: to adjust the level of lighting in the room, simply pull the shade down, fixing it in the desired position. The closed system differs from the open by the presence of a box that not only masks all the elements of the mechanism, but also minimizes the risk of deformation of the system, increasing the period of its operation. This option is more reliable and practical, but also more expensive.
  2. The appearance of the curtain mechanism is also a very important parameter. You can choose between a chain cord, a spring mechanism and an electronic control system. Each of these options has its own characteristics, its own advantages and disadvantages.The chain cord is the simplest type of mechanism: it can be located on either side of the curtain and allows you to fix the fabric at the desired height. The design of the spring mechanism includes a ball attached to the bottom of the canvas, and a locking mechanism: the curtain is operated manually - the curtain pulls down and is fixed at the desired level. As for the electronic system, this is a very convenient, but very expensive option - today the electronic control system is mainly used if it is difficult to reach the curtains (for example, the control mechanism of the curtains is high on the ceiling).
  3. Finally, when choosing roller blinds, you need to pay attention to the design of this interior accessory. The absence of restrictions for designer imagination is not only a weighty advantage of roller blinds, but also in some way a disadvantage: if the buyer does not know exactly what he needs, finding the right option is not easy. Therefore, if you can not decide what kind of curtains can become a real decoration in your room, it is better to turn to a professional designer.Or read the tips outlined below by specialists from Cardinal Alliance.

Blinds as interior decoration

Roller blinds are quite expensive, anyway, if we compare them with traditional ways of window decoration. On the one hand, the high cost is more than justified, because it’s about practical, functional and durable window decoration, on the other hand, you don’t have a right to make a mistake (unless, of course, it’s not a situation where you are ready to throw money at wind, experimenting with different designs).

So, when choosing roller blinds on the windows, remember that the ideal option is curtains, which are a noticeable element of the interior, but do not over-focus on yourself.

Which rules should be followed to make the purchase as successful as possible?

  1. The design of roller blinds should match the interior style of the room to be decorated. For example, flowered curtains will look out of place in a minimalist or high-tech style, whereas curtains made of golden fabric with Lurex will not work for the country style.A huge amount of information about the various interior styles, about their features, you can find on the Internet, so to decide on the optimal design of roller blinds work will not make.
  2. Like any other interior element, roller blinds should be in harmony with the surrounding space and with every piece of interior in the room. Perceive the curtains as an element that brings the interior into balance, and you can be sure that your choice will be guaranteed to be successful. Is there bright, lurid furniture in the room? Neutral shades will “calm” the atmosphere in the room. Are the walls and furniture decorated in dark colors? With the help of light, lightweight roller blinds, you can return a happy mood to the room.
  3. Finally, roller blinds can be a very practical design tool for the visual transformation of space. With the help of color shades applied to the surface of the fabrics, you can visually draw the window, lift the ceiling, expand the space. For example, a vertical pattern on the curtains will make the window visually taller, glossy, reflective elements on the fabric, translucent, light curtain materials will make the room visually more spacious, airy.

If you can not decide for yourself which roller blinds will look best in your room, you can always turn to experienced designers. For example, in the company "Cardinal Alliance".

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