How to choose the front door to the house

Currently, steel entrance doors are very popular. These designs have good strength. SuchDooralso vzlomostoka, that is, it is well opposed to physical influences. Steel structures often have anti-pins and reinforced corners. If necessary, you can purchase even a fireproof or bullet-proof steel structure. Remember, these doors are much more expensive than their simple counterparts.
Pay special attention to the heat and sound insulation properties of the entrance door. It is also recommended to pay attention to the presence of seals around the perimeter of the structure. Decorative panels that are often installed onDoor, able to prevent the penetration of extraneous noise. SteelDoormust have internal content. Most often it is foam or mineral wool.
Remember, even the highest qualityDoorwill not perform its functions if improperly installed. It is not recommended to purchase standard doors in hardware stores. There are cases when the dimensions of the structure do not agree with the dimensions of the door opening, therefore it is best to individually order the doors from professionals.
When choosing the front door, pay attention to the lock. First of all, it should be of good quality. It is recommended to purchase doors that have two locks of different designs. You should not save on these devices. A good mechanism is able to protect your home from intrusions.
Do not forget about the design of the front door. SteelDoorcan be trimmed with a variety of materials. The design is easily upholstered and pasted over with vinyl, artificial or genuine leather. For the decoration of doors often use panels from natural wood, MDF, plastic and plywood. Door design should fit into the hallway interior.

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