How to choose the right furniture, tips from MUM

Agree that the most enjoyable stage in building a house, or repairing an apartment is the stage when we furnish them with furniture. When all the hardest is over and the result of long and hard work is slowly visible.

But at this stage we should not forget that the furniture must be selected correctly, for this we will acquaint you with a few points that everyone needs to know. If you are looking for quality furniture at affordable prices, we advise you to look into the online storeMUMin the city of Kazan, here you definitely will not be left without a purchase. Learn more -

Today you will learn about the rules for selecting furniture for a future living room - a place where guests are received, where you will spend evenings with your family, the main person at home. The living room should not only be a beautiful and comfortable place, but also quite functional.

So, what you need to know before you begin to select furniture for your living room:

Rule 1.To visually create room space, use low furniture with simple and clear lines.

Rule 2.Stop your choice on a sofa without armrests. In a small space, such furniture will look more open and harmonious.

Rule 3.Not sure which table to choose? Feel free to add a transparent element in the form of a glass coffee table. And rest assured, it will not only become a bright accent in your living room, but also give it a visual space.

Rule 4.When choosing a corner sofa, take a look at the sectional and large sofa in light neutral shades and simple shapes. It will be more functional and you do not need to fill the living room with additional lockers. A nude color will not look too large, even in the case of a small room.

Rule 5.Shelves and closets are better to choose open, so you will not overload the living room and make it more spacious.

Rule 6. Add a dark accent if you choose furniture in light shades. To do this, you can purchase one item in dark colors, such furniture will balance the balance in your living room and give it depth.

Rule 7.Do not drive yourself into the frame, because you decide how your future nest should look, therefore, you just need to listen to the advice, but it is better to make decisions on the choice on your own. Experiment, then your living room, and the house as a whole, will always be individual, extraordinary and stylish.

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