How to clear your head from unnecessary thoughts

Always write down the necessary information so as not to clog her head. It is not necessary to carry a notebook with you at all times. To do this, you can use a mobile phone, player or any piece of paper.
At the end of each week sum up. This will help to put everything in places and reveal miscalculations. It will help to orient in future activities, to draw up a rough plan for the next week.
Calculate prospects, make predictions. Learn to formulate long-term goals for yourself. A clear idea of ​​the final result will help streamline the path to achieve it. This will save your head from unnecessary thoughts, and you - from rash steps.
Daily clean up your life. During the day you get a huge amount of various information that accumulates in the brain. Do not delay petty work for tomorrow, it will save you time in the future.
Realize what you are doing.Imagine all your perspectives, fully understand what you are doing, the reasons and the desired final result of this activity. It will also help to put thoughts in order.
Write down the algorithm of your actions, which will give you the opportunity to clearly define your goals. Introduce new concepts that will lead to new ideas and thoughts. This will remove unnecessary questions and unnecessary thoughts.

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