How to conduct electrical wiring in a wooden house

You will need
  • - the scheme of future electrical wiring you have thought through;
  • - stock of consumables (cable of different diameter, clamps, nails, asbestos strip);
  • - the required number of electrical outlets and switches;
  • -the necessary installation tools (hammer, technical knife, pliers).
Get started by creating a visual wiring diagram. To arrange the electrical cable as convenient as possible for yourself, you must first assess your needs for electricity. Consider whether to be located in yourhomepowerful electrical devices that require connecting to a separate line, how many sockets you may need and where they are more convenient to be located.
Apply the markings on the walls of the house in accordance with the scheme. Mark the lines along which the cable will run, as well as the locations of sockets, switches, and junction boxes.Follow the rules adopted for electrical installation: the cable should be laid at a distance of 20 centimeters from the ceiling, the switches should be located either at eye level or at the level of the palm, for electrical sockets there is no general rule.
Proceed to the installation of the center line of the electrical cable, from which you will need to make taps to the switches, sockets and electrical appliances. At this stage, just need to think about fire safety measures - they are primarily associated with the method of attaching the cable to the wall. If in other rooms both indoor and outdoor installation of wiring is possible, then in woodenhomeonly open is allowed, and a strip of asbestos must be laid between the wall and the cable, which excludes the possibility of direct contact of the tree with the electrical wiring.
Perform taps down (strictly vertically) from the center line of the wiring using junction boxes. Niches for them, as well as for sockets and switches, can be drilled with a large milling cutter. When the cable is connected, you can proceed directly to the installation of sockets and switches, thus completing the work on the electrification of your premises.
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The electrical panel must be turned off during work, it is possible to turn on the electricity only after installation of electrical sockets and switches!
Before you let electric current through the cable you have laid, once again check the condition of all parts of the electrical circuit you have assembled, the insulation, as well as the effectiveness of the fire prevention measures you have taken!
Helpful advice
Starting electrical work, make sure that all consumables (cable, clamps and nails for fastening) you have with a small margin, so that during the work is not distracted by their search.

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