How to configure fraps?

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How to configure fraps?

There are a lot of programs for shooting video and screenshots in the process of active work of applications or games. One of the most popular is fraps.

The indisputable advantages of this utility are easy setup and management, work from the tray (notification area) and the ability to download the free version of the program and easily Russify it.

But it should be noted that the video files, shot with the help of the described application, are quite large in size. Be sure to consider this when recording video.

Some users sometimes have problems configuring Fraps. In order to clarify all the incomprehensible moments, we describe the interface and the possibilities of this wonderful utility.

Fraps: setting

The program interface consists of four tabs:

  • the main thing;
  • FPS;
  • video;
  • screenshots.

Let us consider in more detail each of them.

Tab "Main"

This tab contains information about registration, assembly and version of the program. Also, there are settings for loading the program when the operating system starts, running in minimized mode, securing the interface window on top of others, monitoring Aero and minimizing to the tray.

Setting is carried out by setting a check mark (tick) or removing it opposite the desired item.

FPS tab

Here, the user can change the storage path for the files with tests, assign a performance hot key, make test settings such as frame rate, frame time and operation log, determine the test duration time, assign a call hot key and overlay position (or disable it altogether) and allow update overlay once a second.

A little help: an overlay is an indicator that reproduces the frame rate per second and is displayed while the running application is running. He can be given four positions: in the upper and lower right and left corner.

Video tab

In the "Video" tab, you can change the folder for storing videos, assign a hot key to capture video, determine the video size / quality ratio using the fps and video size settings (full or half), split video tracks into 4 GB separate files, hide the cursor, block the frame rate and adjust the sound track settings.

Screenshots Tab

Here, as in the previous tabs, the save path (in this case, screenshots), the hot key and extension for the screenshot, as well as additional settings in the form of adding an overlay to the image and the frequency of the automatic screenshot (when activated) are determined.

If you still have questions on how to set up Fraps, you can watch a small tutorial video.

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