How to connect a microphone to a computer?

Leonid Veselov
Leonid Veselov
October 3, 2011
How to connect a microphone to a computer?

The microphone in the computer can be useful to us for a number of reasons. It can be useful when communicating via Skype or ICQ, as well as when recording your voice to use voice commands. The most basic use is, of course, for video and audio communication. Let's understand how you can connect a microphone to a computer. So:

How to connect a microphone to a computer?

In front of you is a microphone with a wire and there is a working computer. It's very simple when you connect one to another. On different models of computers there are several entrances to the sound card. As a rule, all these inputs are located on the back of your computer. Some models have entrances in front. What do these inputs look like? Usually, these are nests that are painted in different colors. Green color - there you connect your computer speakers. If you have a sound, then we can confidently say that the speakers are already connected.On the left or right (the location is different in different models of computers) from the speaker jack you will find the blue jack. The blue jack is for line-in devices, such as a CD player. Well, on the other hand, you will find the red jack - the microphone jack. It is there that you need to connect the microphone wire.

It is worth noting that, usually, all entrances are accompanied by emblems, which show the input device for this slot. Somewhere there are headphones, somewhere speakers, well, we need a jack with a microphone emblem.

As a rule, after connecting the microphone to the computer, the system immediately determines the device that is connected to it. After connecting, the computer automatically adjusts the microphone. If after connecting there is no sound, then it is worth checking:

  • Whether the microphone is transferred to the operating mode (button on the microphone body).
  • Is there a battery in the microphone.
  • Is the microphone input on the computer turned on? To view the information of this content, you need to go to the audio devices and understand the features that are offered there.

Here, perhaps, all you need to know when connecting a microphone to a computer.

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