How to connect the Internet on Beeline?

The mobile operator "Beeline" offers its subscribers the service "Internet" - thanks to it, you will get high speed Internet at the optimal cost. Connect the Internet on the "Beeline" can be a variety of ways, consider them.

Personal Area

You can connect to the Internet on Beeline using your personal account. To do this, go to the website of the mobile operator at this link:. After that go through authorization, then in the main section select “Services” and then “Internet”. Familiarize yourself with the current tariff plans, as well as their conditions and prices, opposite to the one you like, click on the "Connect" button.

Customer support center

You can connect to the Internet on Beeline by calling the customer support center. To do this, dial this number: 8-800-700-8000. The call is free. You need to call the subscriber your mobile number and the name of the client, and then ask to connect to the Internet service.

Customer Service Office

Another actual option is to contact Beeline customer service office (you can find out their location. Be sure to take your passport and a copy of the service contract. At the office, contact a free consultant, ask him to provide information about the Internet service and current tariff plans Then select the appropriate one and ask it to connect.

USSD teams

Connect the Internet from the mobile operator "Beeline", you can use USSD-commands. Their format depends on the chosen tariff plan:

  • "Highway 1 GB". This service provides a monthly fee of 190 rubles per month. To connect it, you need to send a request of this type from a mobile phone: * 115 * 04 # + “Call”.
  • "Highway 3 GB". For the Internet with so much traffic, you will need to pay 350 rubles per month. The following command will help you to activate this service: * 115 * 06 # + “Call” button.
  • "Highway 5 GB". For this service you will need to pay 495 rubles per month. To connect it, send this request: * 115 * 07 # + "Call".
  • "Highway 10 GB". In this case, a monthly fee of 890 rubles is provided. To connect to the Internet with such traffic, you will need to send the following command from your mobile phone: * 115 * 08 # + the "Call" button.
  • "Highway 20 GB". For this service a monthly fee of 1290 rubles is charged.To activate it, type the following query: * 115 * 09 # + “Call”.
  • "Highway 60 GB". There is a monthly fee of 2500 rubles. To activate this service, send the following request: * 115 * 10 # + “Call”.
  • "Highway 100 MB". If you want to connect the Internet only for a day with a given amount of traffic, then use this combination: * 115 * 01 # + “Call” button.
  • "Highway 500 MB". It also provides traffic for a day. To use it, dial this command from a mobile phone: * 115 * 02 # + “Call” button.

You can also use other ways to connect to the Internet on Beeline.

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