How to cook a cake "Chocolate Magic"

You will need
  • - flour (sifted) - 500-550 g;
  • - eggs (raw) - 6 pieces;
  • - sugar - 190-210 g;
  • - any mayonnaise - 250 g;
  • - condensed milk Gostovskaya - 380 g (metal can);
  • - baking powder - 2 full teaspoons;
  • - sour cream (good quality) - 700-800 g;
  • - dark chocolate - 400 g + as required for sprinkling.
Prepare the dough: break eggs into convenient dishes, cover them with sugar and rub until smooth. Add condensed milk, mayonnaise (do not be afraid that because of it the taste of the cake will become strange - the mayonnaise is not felt in the finished cake) and mix the ingredients. Next, add baking powder and flour. Knead dough, it will not be very thick.
Form (26 cm) with removable sides lubricate with oil (it is better to use cream). Put the dough into the mold, so that a layer of 1 cm is obtained. Bake the cake (23 minutes, 180 ° C). After this, by analogy, bake another 3 such cakes from the rest of the dough.
Preparing the cream: heat the sour cream, melt the chocolate separately, then combine the sour cream with chocolate and stir until smooth.
Ready cooled cakes cut horizontally.Soak all the layers of dough thoroughly with chocolate cream, then lay one on top of the other. Outside, we coat the cake with the remaining cream and sprinkle with grated chocolate. Put in the fridge, take out shortly before the solemn serving.

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