How to cook cream soup without cream and butter

Fortunately, you can give the vegetable soup a silky consistency without fatty foods, and even without milk, if necessary.

Typically, in the preparation of cream soup use fried in butter and flour and heavy cream. But in fact, all you need is the right balance between broth and starch-rich vegetables.

  1. First, cook the soup frying by stewing onion and garlic with spices in a spoon of olive oil.
  2. For vegetable cream soup, it's better to take carrots, sweet potato varieties, pumpkin, zucchini, cauliflower or broccoli, and generally rely on the recipe or your taste. Vegetables need to be cut into small bars - so they quickly cook. For a more creamy consistency, you can add a tablespoon of rice or oatmeal - they will highlight the required amount of starch to thicken the broth.
  3. Take 5 cups of broth per kilogram of vegetables, or place the vegetables in a saucepan and fill them with broth so that the liquid completely covers them.Remember that you can always add the right amount of broth or water, but you can’t make too thin a soup thicker.
  4. Bring the broth to a boil, and then reduce the temperature. Cook vegetables until tender - it's easy to check, piercing a piece with a fork. A couple of minutes before the end, add to the broth with vegetables toasted.
  5. When the vegetables have softened (but do not wait for them to boil out!), Take the immersion blender and mash the contents of the pan to the desired consistency of the cream.
  6. Again put the pan on a slow fire, add salt and pepper, a little vinegar and lemon juice. Cream soup without cream is ready! When serving, you can add shrimp or chicken pieces - whatever your heart desires.

Without creamy and dairy products, the taste of vegetables will be rich and bright. Enjoy a useful low-calorie delicacy without harm to the figure!

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