How to cook delicious and fragrant homemade kebabs

Summer and spring give us a large number of nice bonuses. We finally get rid of heavy, warm clothes and, with relief, begin to breathe deeply with a full sense of freedom. In the summer you can not only wear fashionable swimsuits and sandals, but also relax in pleasant companies in nature. And what a picnic can go without a delicious, fragrant kebab. How to cook homemade kebabs so that everyone just drooled at the thought of them, we will be happy to share all the secrets.

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Kebab was for us not just a picnic dish, this is why there to hide our favorite delicacy in the warm season. Meat is a win-win option for relaxing in a large company, especially if there are many strong men in it.

A delicious kebab is not only pleasant to eat, its preparation can be a real entertainment in nature. Because in order to enjoy the juicy and fragrant meat on the skewers need a lot of work.Men should make a fire, respectively, get firewood, coal and barbecue facilities. Representatives of the weaker sex at this time prepare meat, cutting and marinating it, and also stringing on skewers. Usually, the preparation of kebabs takes place under friendly communication, which ensures everyone a good mood.

How to cook a gorgeous dish at home?

Prepare this, do not be afraid of the word, delicacy at home is simple and easy. Of course, you can order a barbecue in a restaurant or in a cafe on the nature. By the way, these establishments often lure visitors to themselves precisely with the smell of a fragrant oriental dish. But, believe me, the kebab ordered in the restaurant will never be equal to what you cook with your own hands.

homemade pork kebabs

Also an indisputable argument is that it is better to cook homemade kebabs yourself, the fact that you will know from products of what quality it is prepared. Because you can often be confronted with poor-quality meat and bad marinade. Not to mention poor food storage conditions. In addition, eating kebabs and being able to proudly declare to everyone that you made it yourself is incredibly pleasant.

For cooking homemade kebabs you can take your favorite kind of meat, sauce and marinade. Even the degree of roasting kebabs you have the right to determine. So if in the near future you want to diversify your leisure time with a visit to nature, be sure to cook homemade kebabs.

The best recipes for homemade kebabs

Literally every person who at least once in his life has taken up cooking kebab has his favorite recipe. Find the perfect cooking kebabs only after long samples. So try each time to cook this dish according to another recipe. And if at a party you liked the kebab, then you should definitely find out from what and how it was prepared.

Homemade pork shashlik in spicy marinade

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  • Pork (it is better that it was a neck) - 1 kg.
  • Red ground pepper - 1 tsp.
  • Carrots - 4 pcs.
  • Black ground pepper - 2 tsp.
  • Ripe tomatoes - 2-3 pcs.
  • Onions (small) - 4 pcs.
  • Mayonnaise - 10 tbsp.
  • Soy sauce - 20 tbsp.
  • Ketchup - 10 tbsp.
  • Vegetable oil - 6 tbsp.

How to cook pork skewers:

  1. Meat should be taken fresh, that is, there should be no preliminary and prolonged freezing.Cut it into pieces of your favorite size, that is, so that it is convenient to string on a skewer.
  2. Cut onions with a sharp knife into ringlets 5-7 mm thick.
  3. In a large dish, you can mix glass with all the components of the sauce listed in the ingredients, that is, mayonnaise, two types of pepper, ketchup, soy sauce and vegetable oil (2 tablespoons).
  4. In the sauce put the pieces of pork and onions. Marinating meat is enough for 3-5 hours.
  5. Boil carrots until half ready. Then mode on the circles.
  6. Tomatoes are better to take ripe, but without seeds. Cut them like carrots.
  7. We begin to string meat, onions, carrots and tomatoes on oiled for convenience skewers. Naturally alternating products.
  8. Fry on the grill until ready, that is, the appearance of a fragrant crust and the lack of flowing juice from pieces of meat.

In this version of the kebab there is a piquant note of sharpness and at the same time the meat remains tender.

Homemade lamb shashlik with barberry

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Some people are afraid to cook lamb, considering it too "capricious." But it makes real, Caucasian kebabs, so be sure to try the dish according to this recipe.


  • Lamb - 800 gr.
  • Lemon - 1 pc.
  • Salo (melted) - 1 tbsp.
  • Onions - 2-3 pcs.
  • Vinegar - 3 tablespoons.
  • Greens: onion, coriander
  • Tomatoes - 400 gr.
  • Dried barberries - 1 tbsp.
  • Ground pepper
  • Tkemali sauce - 100 gr.

How to make homemade lamb skewers:

  1. With lamb remove all the veins and cut into pieces.
  2. We put in the pottery (this will allow the meat to better absorb the aromas of the spices, if not, then it is better to take an ordinary glass dish).
  3. Sprinkle with pepper, sprinkle lightly, put chopped onion in the meat and pour all the vinegar and juice from the lemon. Leave to pickle 4 hours.
  4. Then cook on charcoal until cooked. Serve this shish kebab not on a skewer, and on a plate taking off her meat and onions.
  5. Be sure to sprinkle with fresh herbs and dried barberry before serving.
  6. It should be eaten with tkemali sauce and fresh tomatoes.

Chicken and papaya skewers

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If you are tired of all the traditional, then why not cook something exotic? In addition, all the ingredients are not difficult to find. In this kebab recipe, spices play a key role.


  • Sesame oil - 2 tbsp.
  • Chicken fillet - 700 gr.
  • Flavored vinegar - 2 tbsp.
  • Juice of one lime
  • Chopped garlic - 1 tsp.
  • Grated ginger - 2 tsp.
  • Lemon - 2 slices
  • Olive oil - 2 tsp.
  • Curry pinch
  • Onions - 3 pcs.
  • Papayas - 1 fruit
  • Soy sauce - 1 tbsp.
  • Salt
  • Favorite greenery

How to make homemade chicken and papaya skewers:

  1. Papaya must be bought ripe. Peeling it from the peel should be cut into papaya into small cubes.
  2. In a bowl (always with a lid), we mix the ingredients for the marinade: flavored vinegar, sesame oil, lime juice, soy sauce, one spoon of ginger and garlic.
  3. Meat, sliced, dipped in a marinade, close tightly with a lid and send marinated for 2 hours.
  4. In the meantime, we are preparing an exotic sauce. Pour olive oil into the pan, chop onion and fry in butter.
  5. To the onion, add a spoonful of ginger. After the onions become white, pour the curry into the pan. Fry it all together one more minute.
  6. Chopped papaya together with onions and spices are ground in a food processor.
  7. Fry chicken skewers for several minutes on each side (chicken cooks quickly) and serve with chilled sauce and greens.

Homemade Pork Kebabs with Plums

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  • Pork - 500 gr.
  • Chile pepper in powder - 2 tsp.
  • Brown sugar - 2 tsp.
  • Large pitted plums
  • Cumin - 1 tsp.
  • Jelly or unsweetened redcurrant jam - 4 tbsp.

How to cook pork kebabs with plums:

  1. Heat the grill. Mix chili, cumin, salt, sugar brown.
  2. In the resulting, dry spices, carefully mix each small piece of pork.
  3. In plums, remove the stone. It is better to take ripe and sweet fruit.
  4. Stringing on a skewer, alternate plums and meat.
  5. Grill until done. Pork is quite fat, so do not worry, skewers do not get dry.
  6. For a couple of minutes until cooked, brush the meat with red currant jam and cook a little more for the kebab.
  7. Serve with the remaining jam and a sprig of basil.

With similar recipes for homemade kebabs, you will wonderfully surprise your family and fans of your culinary talent. By the way, many slimming people are mistaken, considering the kebab is a very high-calorie dish. If you cook it from chicken or rabbit, and even with vegetables, then you will have a great alternative to bored boiled meat.

You can bake the kebabs in the oven, but unfortunately, it will never be as aromatic as the one that was cooked on the fire.Make marinades, sauces and meat on your own, but try to fry it at the stake. Have more rest in nature, eat tasty food and enjoy good weather.

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