How to cook homemade bread

You will need
    • warm water (300 ml);
  • milk (14 ml);
  • salt (2 tsp);
  • sugar (1.5 tbsp);
  • vegetable oil (2 tbsp)
  • dry yeast (4 tsp);
  • flour (2 kg).
  • Dishes:
  • a bowl;
  • sieve;
  • pan;
  • food film.
Take a deep cup. Pour preheated water and milk into it.
Add sugar and salt. Dissolve the yeast. Pour some vegetable oil. Stir well.
Sieve flour using a sieve. Add one kilogram to the cup with diluted yeast, mix well.
Hold the consistency in a warm place for about two hours. Cover with cling film.
Then add another kilo of flour and knead the dough. Knead until you get behind the hands, cups and everything else.
Take out, knead again.
Divide into two loaves, place on a greased sheet baking sheet and let another 1.5 hours come. Make a few light cuts with a sharp knife.
Then put in a preheated oven (250 degrees) for ten minutes.
After this, remove and lubricate abundantly with water.
Send the bread back to the oven for another thirty minutes. After that, remove and let cool on a wire rack, but do not cover with anything.
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If you bake bread in an oven, then put a baking sheet with water on the lower tier, then the lower crust will not burn.
Baking bread requires a temperature of at least 200-250 degrees. Baking time ranges from 30 to 80 minutes, depending on the shape, weight and formulation of products.
Helpful advice
At will it is possible to put sesame or sunflower seeds in dough.
Do not open the oven, as the steam generated will be removed and the quality of the bread will deteriorate.
Remove the finished bread from the oven and sprinkle with water so that its surface becomes glossy.

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