How to cook pumpkin porridge?

December 1, 2014
How to cook pumpkin porridge?

Pumpkin (correctly called the pumpkin fruit) - the real queen of the vegetable world. Dishes from it are tasty and healthy. Traditionally pumpkin juice is prepared and jam is made. Read more about the dishes in the article What to cook pumpkin.

Porridge, nourishing and nutritious is also very popular. Usually, cereals are added to it: rice, millet, semolina. And to make it tastier: nuts and honey, dried fruits and spices. How to cook pumpkin porridge correctly will be discussed in this article.

Russian dish?

It is believed that this pumpkin dish is a native Russian dish. But the plant appeared in Russia only in the sixteenth century (brought from Central America through Europe). And his birthplace, according to the latest scientific data, is North Africa. But in Russia, the pumpkin got accustomed so much that it became a truly national vegetable, a favorite food in the cities and villages of our Motherland.

Milk porridge

This recipe tells you how to cook pumpkin porridge using milk (a healthy and healthy combination).

We will need:

  • 200 grams of pumpkin pulp (without peel and seeds),
  • a glass of rice
  • a glass of milk,
  • a couple spoons of honey
  • spoon of butter.

First, cook rice until half cooked (ten minutes). Then put the pumpkin, cut into cubes (can be grated) in a separate pan. Fill with milk and boil for ten minutes over low heat, stirring constantly. Next - mix the contents of two pans, slightly boil, refill with honey and butter. You can add a little cinnamon and nutmeg. By the way, instead of rice you can use both semolina and millet. Cooking in the same way.

On the water

How to make pumpkin porridge without using milk? The fact is that this product does not carry everything, and some simply do not like it. Apply in this case the same recipe as above. Only we cook the pumpkin not in milk, but in water. In the future, you can add nuts, raisins, dried fruits (prunes, dried apricots) to porridge.

Pumpkin Porridge

Use the pumpkin itself as a container for baking. We cut the apex of a small fruit, clean it from the seeds and the core. Leave the wall - thick finger. In the oven, bake for half an hour as a whole. Separately boil rice and pulp. Mix, put in the middle of the pumpkin.We continue to bake in the oven until cooked.

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