How to cover the raspberries for the winter in the suburbs

You will need
  • - rope;
  • - wire;
  • - antifungal drugs;
  • - covering material.
Shelter raspberries for the winter - a procedure that helps the plant survive in harsh climatic conditions. In the middle part of Russia, there are quite severe frosts, and without proper protection, weak plants can die.
To cover the raspberries should choose a warm autumn day, do not wait until the air temperature drops below zero degrees. It is worth remembering that when the temperature is below zero, bending the branches becomes almost impossible (the branches become brittle).
The first step is to prepare the branches themselves for shelter: cut off the old and the sick, and treat the rest with urea solution (300 grams of the substance per 10 liters of water). Such treatment will save the culture from many fungal diseases that most often destroy the plant.
Next, you need to make fertilizer in the ground. Optimally - lay around the raspberry branches with rotted manure or peat.This procedure will not only provide the plants with nutrients, but also protect their root system from excessive freezing.
The next stage is bending the raspberry branches to the ground. It is necessary to take three or four raspberry branches, which are one meter apart (+/- 30 cm) from each other, then first bend one part of the branches to the ground, then lay another part of it on it, thereby forming an arched arch, and tie branches between a wire or rope.
It should be noted that you need to bend the branches to the ground as low as possible, 70 cm - the maximum distance to the ground.
If the raspberry shelter occurs during the period when the air temperature is already below zero degrees, then in this case it is impossible to do without covering materials. It is necessary to gather sprigs of raspberry together in a vertical position, then wrap them with covering material and fix it with a rope.

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