How to create your server in minecraft?

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How to create your server in minecraft?

Sooner or later, many players think about how to create your server in Minecraft. There can be a lot of reasons: the ability to install any mods and plug-ins, access to administrator rights, the desire to make money on donate or make a good project. Whatever goal you set, in this article we will teach you how to make your server in Minecraft.

Server creation

  1. Before installing the server, download and install the latest version.
  2. Download Minecraft server. This is best done at Download the recommended build (marked in green).
  3. Create a server folder and place the downloaded file there.
  4. For ease of use, give the bakkit file a shorter name (remember to include the .jar extension).
  5. Next, create a "batch file." To do this, in Windows 7, in the upper pane of the folder, click the Organize button, then select Folder and search options from the drop-down list. In the window that appears, select the “View” tab and, almost at the very end of the list, remove the check mark from the “Hide extensions forregistered file types. Next, create a text document, give it a name and assign the extension .bat.
  6. Open the resulting file with any text editor.
  7. Write "java Xmx1G". With this command, you expose the amount of RAM that will be spent on maintaining the server. In this example, 1 gigabyte. In the event that you want to set one and a half gigabytes, two and a half, or another non-integer number, then you need to write the value in megabytes (512M, 1536M, etc.). For normal operation of the server with the number of players equal to twenty, you need about 2G of RAM.
  8. In the same line, write down - Xincgc. This function is intended for loading from the operational memory of “chunks” that are out of sight. If you do not register this option, the download will not occur, and soon the server will hang.
  9. In the same place write –jar. This option determines the file to which the previous ones will apply.
  10. Start the server with a file with the extension .jar.
  11. A window will open in which you can watch the launch progress. In the meantime, additional files and folders will appear in the server folder.

Server Tuning

To set up the configurations, open the file that appears in the server folder using Notepad ++ or another code editor. You will need to change the following parameters:

  1. Change online-mod to false - so that players using a pirated client can log into your server.
  2. You should not set the value of server-IP, since the server itself picks up your ip-address, and if you register it in the configuration, the game may crash with port errors.
  3. The value of server-port is changed only if you have not one, but several servers.
  4. Max-players is the number of players that can simultaneously be on the server.
  5. Spawn npcs has two values ​​- true and false. Turns on and off the possibility of the emergence of villages and villagers.
  6. In the white-list line, separated by commas, you can record the nicknames of players who have the right to enter the server. Be careful, because after changing the value of this option, only the listed players and no one else can enter the server.
  7. Changing the Hardcore value to true will enable hardcore mode.
  8. Server statements are written in the ops.txt file.


Consider the four most needed plugins:

  1. HomeSpawnWarp. The most necessary function of this plugin is the ability to teleport to certain points (for example, home).
  2. ServerSave is needed for autosave the world.
  3. WorldEdit is needed to manage territory on a massive scale.
  4. WorldGuard serves to privat territory and property. It is an excellent protection against griefers.

There are many plugins for Minecraft. We have indicated the most basic. The rest can be set as you wish.

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