How to cure dyslexia and dyslexia

Dysgraphia and dyslexia are quite serious diseases. After all, the violation occurs at the level of the nervous system, which leads to problems not only with speech and writing, but also with communication with other children, academic performance, etc. Therefore, both of these diseases require a very competent approach to treatment.
A child who has been diagnosed with one of these two diseases, in no case can not that speak, but even show the appearance that it is inferior. After all, self-confidence - the key to success.


Disgraphia in Greek means "I do not write / draw." Doctors define this disease as the inability to master a letter against the background of normally developed intelligence. When dysgraphia in a person violated the letter on the phonetic principle. This is manifested in a large number of errors that distort the sound composition of the word.
As a rule, dysgraphia does not come alone. Oral speech disorders and problems with other mental functions are also noted against its background, depending on how much of the nervous system is immature.
You can diagnose dysgraphia with the help of special tests. As a rule, dictatorships and banal rewriting of texts are offered as them. It is this study allows you to accurately determine the degree of frustration.
A side effect of disgraphing can be a complete rejection of a person's letter. For example, children begin to refuse to go to school, adults switch to physical labor, which does not require writing.
Treatment of dysgraphia should be comprehensive and the success of the event directly depends on how closely and productively the patients and the attending specialists interact. Therapists and psychologists are engaged in the treatment of dysgraphies of various kinds. Naturally, it is advisable to choose not the first available specialists, namely, those who have been practicing with such patients for a long time. Along with the correction of the letter, you will need to develop memory, improve concentration, etc.
It should be remembered that dysgraphia is not a sentence. The desire to get rid of it and perseverance help get rid of this pathology forever and without a trace.


Dyslexia in translation from the same Greek means “impossibility to speak correctly”.This disease is a violation of a person’s comparison of sound and letter, which is expressed in reading errors and is acquired due to a violation or immaturity of the nervous system.
Determining dyslexia is quite simple. Man does not assimilate letters, because in his brain there are no connections between them and the sounds to which they correspond. There may also be a mixture and substitution of sounds that are close from the phonetic point of view, etc. In addition, graphically similar letters are identified with dyslexic patients.
Most often, dyslexia is expressed in violations of the reading procedure: constantly recurring errors, non-passing reservations. A person may misuse or pronounce prefixes, endings, suffixes, etc.
But despite this, it is quite difficult to diagnose dyslexia. To do this, conduct several different tests aimed at studying the order of reading, with a parallel comparison with others.
Dyslexia does not resolve itself, so it must be treated to eliminate the person’s communication problems. The treatment of this pathology is usually complex.It is directed more to the training of cognitive functions involved in the formation of the problem. As an option, sometimes methods are used to consolidate these functions as compensatory mechanisms.
The rehabilitation program includes voice management skills, vocabulary expansion and fluency in its use, as well as the definition of phonemes. Usually, reading, writing and discussing learned information are offered to patients with dyslexia as rehabilitation programs. Naturally, under the supervision of a doctor. Neurologists, speech therapists and psychologists should be engaged in treatment.

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