How to cut a butterfly

Take a sheet of square paper. Fold it in half on the horizontal axis, lifting the bottom half up. Then bend the rectangle along the vertical axis, placing the left half on the right.
From the bottom left corner, measure 5 mm to the right. Then go up perpendicularly by 3 mm and place a point in this place. From the same angle, set aside up to 5 mm, draw a perpendicular to the right and also make a mark.
From the bottom right corner, draw an arcuate line to the first set point. From the upper left corner, draw an arc ending at the second point. Here, draw a line from the top right corner. You have obtained the outlines of the body of a butterfly and its wing. Cut the excess paper with scissors.
On the wing with a pencil, draw patterns. This may be spots of different shapes and sizes or ornate lines. Cut them with thin nail scissors or paper knife. The contours of the wing can also be figured.
Instead of scissors, a regular or figured hole punch will do.You can also create a pattern on the wings, piercing them with needles of different diameters. Such a cobweb will look especially good against the light - hang ready-made butterflies by the window or glue on the glass like snowflakes.
To add color to your handiwork, pre-paint the paper with watercolor. Moisten the sheet with water and make a few strokes of different shades. The paint will spread, forming a picturesque divorce. Put the dried leaf under the press, when it is straightened, it will be possible to cut it.butterfly. Bright butterflies are cut from magazine pages. To make a more concise version, glue the “backing” of a contrasting color, which will be visible in the slots on the wings, to the finished monochrome butterfly.
If you want to make a picture with the outlines of a butterfly, cut it using papercutting. Put a sheet of paper for pastels on cardboard or a special protective mat. Draw abutterfly- It can be contours, filled with intricate patterns, or a concise silhouette. Use the artwork knife or stationery cutter to cut the line drawing. The blade of the knife should be perpendicular to the surface of the paper.Glue sheet with butterfly silhouette on a contrasting background.

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