How to determine the style of the interior?

If you are planning to make repairs in your house or apartment and completely change its appearance, for sure, you have already thought about which stylistic direction to give preference to. There are a lot of styles of modern design: elegant classics, functional modern and high-tech, cozy Provence, industrial loft, extraordinary Art Deco and many others. Orientation in this diversity may not be easy. Although your individual preferences will be the decisive criterion for choosing, nevertheless, it is worth considering in this matter the features of your home, its size, layout, disadvantages and advantages. Also, in order to better visualize the future interior, visit specialized sites, for example, the Mobilikaz salon, which sells furniture in different stylistic directions. You can order the furniture you like right from the warehouse.

Choice of style and room features

If the room that you are planning to arrange, has small dimensions and only one window, you should think about the Scandinavian style. It is characterized by the use of bright colors, which is complemented by bright accents. You should also pay special attention to the lighting of the room and prefer natural materials.

Also a small room can successfully transform along with the neoclassical style. It is distinguished by very sophisticated furniture with elegant forms, which will not overload the space. Will supplement such an interior with restrained stucco.

For apartments and houses with a modern layout, that is, with high ceilings and a minimum number of partitions, the ideal solution would be to choose a loft style. If it seems to you not cozy enough, think about the more luxurious style of Art Deco, which captures with its complex ornaments and luxurious textures.

If you are the owner of a classic stalinka apartment, it is very important to emphasize her architectural features, namely, wide doorways, high ceilings, and stucco. A good choice for such an organization of space will be a modern interpretation of the classical style.Although the eclecticism of classics and modernity is a rather complicated matter, which requires a serious approach or the help of a designer.

In a room with low ceilings is better to abandon the strong decoration, massive chandeliers and stucco. Much more advantageous in this case will look more concise styles, for example, minimalism. For those who value comfort first and foremost, Provence will do.

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