How to decorate a t-shirt with pins and beads

Recently I had an idea how to decorate a T-shirt with beads, strung on pins. The advantage of such decoration over, for example, embroidery, is that you can easily change the location of the pins, and, therefore, the drawing. You can draw a flower, and tomorrow, if the drawing is completely different, change it to a heart or wings, whatever! You can draw a bright butterfly or seashell with pins, you can draw a turtle.
 How to decorate a t-shirt with pins
Initially it was planned to depict a heart pierced by an arrow, but as another work appeared.
 How to decorate a t-shirt with pins
So, let's get to work! First of all, it should be noted that it does not make sense to make the design larger horizontally than the size of the cutout of the T-shirt, because the drawing will be too large and will not look. At me it is 20 sm. We put together a T-shirt twice on a vertical and we mark the middle of a T-short.We also draw a line between the armpits - this is the upper border of our picture, along the contour of which pins will be laid out. We draw the contours of the heart along the marked boundaries
 How to decorate a T-shirt with pins
Next, given the size of pins - and I have 3.5 cm, draw heart more, retreating these 3.5 cm. Beautifully laying out our heart.
 How to decorate a t-shirt with pins
Now begins the most important thing - the extension of pins. Here round pliers are useful. Expand the pin on the right and left.
 How to decorate a t-shirt with pins
Stringing beads in the same amount as on the other side and bend the pin with round pliers . We start to bend from the needle side of the pin, and this is seen in the previous photo, where to start to grab the pin with round pliers.
 How to decorate a t-shirt with pins
Now we start to pin up Our pins on the fabric, starting from the outline of the inner pattern of the heart, that is, the rings inside.So that the pins do not accidentally unfasten, you can compress the head of the pin with pliers.
 How to decorate a t-shirt with pins
As a result, the resulting heart wanted to add a flower inside. You can attach just such a blue bead with a diameter of 2 cm to the center of the flower on a small pin 2 cm long (such small golden pins that price tags on clothes cling to).

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