How to decorate the office?

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How to decorate the office?

People spend a lot of time in order to find a suitable vase in the living room or a picture that will complement the interior of the kitchen, and the design of the cabinet is often not given due attention. However, it is at work that we spend most of the day, and the mood in the workplace largely determines the mood of colleagues and partners who come on business visits and your own. An interesting detail in the design can be a topic for a new twist in the conversation and will help position the interlocutor. The article will suggest some good ideas on how to decorate the office.

Beautiful green island

Green live plant will revive any room. Do not turn the office into an impassable jungle of hanging lianas and a variety of orchids, but a couple of exquisite flowers will tell about your taste. Choose a plant that is not only visually pleasing, but also suitable for the conditions of care. A lifeless, starved, yellowish stalk will not produce the desired effect.Do not forget that there are holidays and weekends, the plant must be resistant to the fact that a couple of days it will not be watered.

Wish-fulfilling fish

A very popular and beautiful decoration for your desktop is an exaggeratedly large glass aquarium with goldfish. Contemplation of the iridescent fish and the water surface will calm, help to concentrate. You can add a spectacular compositionDecorate the cabinetpoint illumination. It is difficult to find a person who would not like such an element of decor. You can, of course, establish a full-fledged aquarium, but this is more troublesome and requires more space, but it gives more opportunities for the realization of creative fantasy.

Motley birds placed in the office is not recommended. They, undoubtedly, will become a good decoration, but will distract from the work of fuss and tweet, the smallest parts of feathers fly from them, which will create additional inconveniences. Do you want more original ideas for the design of the cabinet? Then read the article How to make a cabinet.

DIY decoration

If you have a creative streak, and making a variety of crafts brings joy, take a note on how to decorate the office with your own hands. Elements of decoration that can be made independently:Decorate the cabinet

  • decorated photo frame;
  • a coffee tree;
  • motivational collage;
  • a picture of beads;
  • panel in the technique of quilling.

According to psychologists, the contemplation of photography, in which you are happy and look great, is a very beneficial activity, so you program yourself for further success. If you put such a photo, for example, surrounded by family or friends in a beautiful, decorated frame, then not only decorate the office, but also get the opportunity to mentally return to joyful moments of life. The idea of ​​a motivational collage is to place on the panel an image of those objects or events that you want: this will speed up their implementation. You can put such a collage on a free wall, opposite the table.

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