How to design a house?

Let's start with the most generalized thinking about how your house will look like. But the most significant question, during the design and construction of your house, will remain - where to live at this time? We would advise you to rent a house in Kiev by the day at, so as not to spend long weeks at the construction site in the mud and unsanitary conditions.

What material to choose to build a house, for example, wood or brick? To choose a material, it is worth relying not only on your material means, but also to take into account the following subtleties ... Walls made of stone or brick require rather heavy and expensive foundations, and the depth and its structure will need to be changed in accordance with the depth of soil freezing.

Stone and brick retain heat rather poorly, which means that when building a house you will have to leave voids or make layers of insulation.

Both in its thermal insulation and sanitary-hygienic qualities, wooden walls are much better compared.But at the same time, they serve much less, have low fire resistance, as well as initial shrinkage (they usually finish the interior of the house no earlier than one year after construction). When choosing a material, keep in mind that it is much easier to assemble log houses from logs. It will not be difficult to decorate it either, and in the process of finishing it is enough to veneer the walls with refractory materials in order to increase its refractoriness.

The next question that arises will be the question - to make the house one-story or multi-story? It also has its pros and cons. A single-storey house requires a much larger foundation than a two-story house of the same area, respectively, its construction will cost you much more, especially if you build a house in the northern region or on intumescent soil (clay, loamy, fine sand). The disadvantage of a single-storey multi-room house is the fact that it is rather difficult to plan it rationally. In addition, a one-story house will take at least 20% more area of ​​your site than a two-story one.

Two-story houses do not require such a large basement area.In addition, on the second floor it is easy enough to place isolated rooms from each other. But when building a two-story house, you should not forget that you need to leave space for stairs, which will occupy a certain area of ​​the floor.

What rooms should be provided in your home? It is almost impossible to give an unequivocal answer to this question, since this indicator will largely depend on both your material resources and the composition of your family. But there are some mandatory rooms for the house.

The first thing your house should start with is a porch, the minimum area of ​​which should be at least 2 m2. In this room, it is necessary to make artificial lighting, which, if necessary, will complement the natural lighting. It is also necessary to provide an entrance hall (with a minimum area of ​​5 m2), where you will keep outerwear, shoes, etc.

The living room will be another mandatory room in your house, its minimum area is 20 m2, further there are bedrooms (depending on the number of your family members), a kitchen, (preferably not less than 10 m2), it is possible to provide a pantry for placing food ( it is better to do it from the north side and unheated).

If you are going to provide toilet and bathrooms in the house, it’s better if they are on the same floor as the bedrooms.

The presence of the remaining rooms and additional rooms is not necessary and will depend on your financial capacity and the appropriateness of their construction.

Sometimes you can increase the usable area due to the south-facing terraces and verandas located on the north side.

When planning your house, try to make as many isolated rooms and fewer corridors as possible.

And it will be much better if you entrust the design of the house to a specialist. He will be able to do this taking into account all your requirements, and what is much more important, and taking into account the requirements of all applicable rules and regulations. Once overpaying a certain amount, you can then pay back with interest during the operation of the house. Moreover, a competent architect is obliged to draw up a project taking into account the building's binding to the location, and also to note where all communications will take place.

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