How to determine arthritis of the joints

Most often, patients with arthritis complain of pain in the affected joints, which often occur after a period of prolonged immobility, for example, after a night's sleep.
Pain accompanied by a violation of motion in the inflamed joint. The appearance of this symptom can be explained, on the one hand, by the development of edema of the tissues surrounding the joint, on the other - by the accumulation of an increased amount of intraarticular fluid in the articular cavity. As a consequence, there is swelling of the joint, visible to the naked eye, sometimes reaching a degree of noticeable deflection (pronounced change in the shape of the joint).
The affected joints become hot to the touch, often the skin above them turns red, and with a pronounced process - the skin can become bluish-purple.
Often, inflammation in the joints occurs 10-14 days after the transferred inflammatory process in the upper respiratory tract (most often, arthritis develops after suffering a sore throat).In some cases, arthritis occurs during massive tissue breakdown in the body, for example, after extensive burns or with the destruction of tumors.
Exchange-dystrophic arthritis develops slowly and at the final stage of its development leads to the appearance of gross deformities in the joints, which greatly impede the ability of patients to move and maintain themselves.
The purpose of treatment in the case of the inflammatory process quickly leads to the reversal of all the symptoms and the restoration of impaired mobility, whereas the metabolic-dystrophic lesions of the joints are difficult to treat, especially in advanced cases.
Inflammatory (infectious) arthritis is often accompanied by symptoms of intoxication of the body and, in the overwhelming majority of cases, simultaneously with the development of articular damage, damage to the heart muscle or heart valves develops, which leads to the formation of acquired heart defects. Exchange-dystrophic arthritis usually affects only the osteo-articular system, without affecting the circulatory system.

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