How to determine the market value of the garage

In assessing the cost of garages currently used three approaches - profitable, costly and comparative. The average result, beneficial for both the buyer and the seller, is achieved when all these methods are used simultaneously and complement each other.
On the basis of the comparative method, you study the ratio of supply and demand for similarthe garagem in the market. Those. if the market is averagethe costthe garagesimilar to yours, has a limit, then you can not sell, lay it above this value. At the same time, it is necessary to consider relatively equal conditions, such as: place of construction, remoteness from the residential area, year of commissioning, materials used in the construction, etc.
With the income method, consider your garage as an object of income. For example, it can be leased. Those. you need to calculate how much rent the garage will bring per year and what expenses will be incurred.Difficulties may arise in determining the rental rate and its rate of increase, so this method is undesirable.
With the cost method you need to take into account all the expenses incurred for the purchase of a land plot for a garage and its construction, or a similar real estate object. In this case, only the construction costs of thethe garagebecause the purchase of a land plot and its evaluation is a rather laborious process. Keep in mindthe costmaterials, construction and finishing services. But then the fact of your locationthe garagewill remain unrecorded, and it is important.
Important factors that should be taken into account when determining the market price: the size of the building, the area of ​​the site on which it is located, the presence of heating, water, electricity, materials used in construction.

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