How to determine the strength of concrete

You will need
  • - a hammer;
  • - chisel.
You will need a hammer that weighs 0.4-0.8 kg and a chisel. Place the chisel on the surface.concrete, choose a 180 degree angle. On a chisel, apply a moderate force with a construction hammer. For a more accurate result, perform this action several times. Now explore the trail. If on the surfaceconcreteleft a barely noticeable sign from the chisel, it can conclude that this sampleconcretebelongs to the class B25. In the event that, the trace is thoroughly noticeable, then your independent examination shows that the class of thisconcretedefined as B15-B25. If, after your blows, the chisel entered half a centimeter into the body of the structure and the concrete began to crumble, then know that its class is defined as B10. The last option, if the chisel from your punches went deeper than one centimeter. Such a deep sign indicates that your building is made ofconcretewhich belongs to the class B5.
An independent survey of the building structure, for example, a country house is feasible for any person. Do not neglect the opportunity to once again be convinced of the reliability of the foundation, especially since it will take several minutes to check.
If you are starting construction, then it is appropriate to double-check the compliance with the required parameters.concrete. Take a sample and pour a couple of cubes 10 x 10 x 10 cm. To do this, make special shapes from the plates. Moisten the boxes before pouring concrete into them so that the dry wood does not absorb much moisture fromconcrete. Pour the mixture into the mixture with a piece of reinforcement or something similar, like mashed potatoes. So you will take care that in the poured sample did not arise unfilled space left delayed air. Cast molds dry at a temperature of about 20 degrees and humidity more than 80%. After 28 days, take your samples to any independent laboratory. There the experts will give you the exact answer, whether the concrete corresponds to the declared class.
Wait for 28 days is not necessary. There are intermediate stages of hardening in periods of 3 days, 7 days and 14 days.

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