How to determine your obligations

You will need
  • - Operating schedule;
  • - the book "You and Your Family. A Guide to Personal Growth", V. Satir, 2000;
  • - the book "The Beginning of Family Life. Man and Woman", A.I. Kochetov, A.A. Loginov, 1989.
Divide responsibilities for loved ones and unloved. To perform unloved duties make a separate schedule. This does not mean that in the future it will have to be adhered to strictly (if one of the spouses is sick, the other temporarily takes over all the homework), but until your life is settled, separation is necessary.
If you live in an apartment with your parents, agree on whether you are in charge of household chores or are only responsible for the cleanliness and tidiness of your room, whether you will be in charge of cooking or it will become the mother-in-law (mother-in-law).
Children can also be connected to housework. Usually young children perceive it as a joy and a holiday, for them any help to their parents brings pleasure. Ask your baby to fold the toys - he will do it exactly.There will be little sense from such help, but he will be happy. Over time, your baby will help you more and more, will be able to show independence. Do not forget to say that the help for you is very necessary and important. Praise your child for any, even the smallest and insignificant help. He will appreciate.
Forget about such words as “must”, “need”, “must” - this is a direct path to the emergence of a negative association with household chores.

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