How to develop creativity in 5 minutes a day

Most people believe that creativity is a gift given to a few. In fact, we are endowed with it all, but with age we stop using it and put it into sleep mode. Exercises with which you can return inspiration and faith in yourself, in the compilation of Woman's Day.

Today, creativity helps us both in work and in everyday life, therefore it is important to feed it in ourselves. There are a huge number of methods, but of course there is no perfect recipe. However, the techniques from the book “Flexible Mind”, which was recently published by the publishing house Mann, Ivanov and Ferber, will help develop creative abilities, paying only a few minutes a day to exercises.


Set yourself the minimum number of ideas that you will create daily. Let them be three or five, let it be difficult at first. After some time, ideas will begin to emerge themselves, interconnect and generate new ones.So did the American inventor and entrepreneur, the creator of light bulbs Thomas Edison. He set himself the task of daily inventing something small every ten days and making a great discovery every six months.

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Read books in the genre of science fiction or fantasy. When we encounter new names and provoke imagination, we train the right hemisphere (the one that is responsible for our creative thinking). Reading requires us to explore different meanings and interpret what we read, and therefore to develop our creative abilities.

A game

Imagination trains almost any game. Solve crosswords and puzzles, play board games, improvise! We often use creativity in childhood, so feel like a child again and develop talents.


A provocation technique is useful to destroy established patterns and search for non-standard ideas. Write down some provocative statement, even if it is stupid. For example, that the pool does not need water. Find all the pros and cons of this situation. What could be the benefit? Maybe in an empty pool you can hold some kind of event? Or fill it with plastic balls, as in a children's playroom?


Put the bonsai on the floor and look at it from above. Try to remember the shape and structure of each branch, each leaf. Close your eyes and recreate it in your head from memory. Then open your eyes and see the result. Repeat the exercise, placing the tree at eye level, but count the exact number of branches. Focus your thoughts on images, not on words. By developing the ability to see details, you strengthen the neural connections involved in perception.

Abstract drawing

Draw any abstract shapes, whatever. Do not think long, use your intuition. From the drawn figures, intuitively choose the one that you like best. How is it different from others? Use these properties and attributes to draw another shape. Think about what this second figure looks like.

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