How to develop the attention of the baby

To be attentive

However, not only concentration, but also its stability, the amount of attention, its distribution. All these concepts specialists are accustomed to assess the quality of human attention, and then, evaluating them, bring it to perfection, if necessary.

Children's attention is a fragile thing. And it develops for many years. Of course, under the guidance of parents and first teachers of the baby. Kids are in a hurry to cover everything, so they easily switch attention from one to another. It is important to captivate, teach to concentrate, carefully study something.

Attention must be born with interest. So, you have noticed that it is sometimes quite impossible to tear off a child from new items. Here and the first otgadka. To form a stream of attention, you need to take care that the crumbs are very interesting selected object - a new toy, a bright collage, colors, movement. The sound ... Something that will say: �Look at me, do not come off!� The more such things have for the crumbs of objects for examination, listening, studying, the more actively he will train his attention.

We collect snowflakes

For this game you will need some beautiful cardboard snowflakes. You can make them from shiny paper or apply paint. Scatter the cut snowflakes on the floor and invite the crumbs to play. �Look, what a miracle happened. Someone came to visit us and left some of them! �Release the baby to discover the snowflakes on his own, without prompting you to find the� miracle �. However, as soon as the baby finds the first beautiful snowflake, sincerely praise the little clever girl and offer to collect a whole bunch. �It must have been a winter-winter call and left us their presents! Let's find them all. �

Music and ball

Sound is another powerful incentive that directs our attention. Want to make sure? Suddenly call someone from your household by name or drop a spoon on the floor - every family member will respond, including pets. That is why it would be a mistake to forget and not to use such a flawlessly working pedagogical device as teaching through sound.

Both sound and movement (which will also attract the attention of the baby) are two of the strongest stimuli. Combines them with a rubber ball. Take it in hand and arm yourself with a remote control from a player charged with a music disc. Start - music sounds, the ball jumps on the floor; pause - silence and inaction.Then the music starts again and the ball joins, knock them on the floor, and then suddenly stop the music and movement of the ball for the baby. The baby will, without looking up, follow the music and the ball. This game magically develops concentration and sustainability of attention.

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