How to develop your strengths

Conduct a thorough self-examination to identify your strengths. There are several special questionnaires that can be found on the Internet or in psychology literature. In them are presented the lists of useful qualities of character developed by professionals. Opposite each trait, you are invited to assess the extent to which you possess it.
You can make a list of your own advantages on your own. Remember your victories and think what helped you to succeed. It is worth taking into account the compliments that you hear from relatives, acquaintances, friends and colleagues. Determine what your qualities are the basis of praise received from others.
You can determine your talents by trying something new. It is not necessary to completely abandon a career in one area to go to another area. You can start with a passion to check how close you are to this or that activity.Practice will show what you have a great inclination and what positive qualities of character help you in the process of self-realization.
Creativity helps in self-development and the disclosure of one’s own potential. Think about what kind of his will you like, and engage in self-expression. This will allow you to transfer your abilities to a new level. Pay attention to what kind of creative activity brings you a special satisfaction, joy and a sense of power. In this direction it is worth working more on yourself.
Try to apply your strengths in the work. For example, if you are great at negotiating, ask to give you such projects where you need to communicate more with partners, establish new contacts. This will allow you to do a lot of work on yourself. Practice will make you not just a good, but an incomparable negotiator. That is how they become the best in their business.
Be persistent in working on yourself. It makes no sense to devote two hours a month to the development of one’s abilities. The result requires regular workouts, constant practice. Remember that if you do not grow above yourself and do not take a step forward, you do not just stay at the same level, but gradually move in the opposite direction.
Change your social circle if it does not have enough purposeful, successful people. Surround yourself with like-minded people, people with an active lifestyle, who, like you, highly appreciate the opportunity to improve their own skills, talents and strengths.

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