How to dilute wallpaper paste

Currently, wallpaper glue can be divided into two types: universal and special. Universal fit almost all ordinary wallpaper. Special glue can be used for certain types of wallpaper. On sale you can find ready-to-use glue. However, most often it is sold in a dry powder form.
To dissolve it is quite simple. Most often it is enough to read the recommendations on the proportions of water and glue, which are on the other side of the package. Note, it is necessary to pour the powder into the water gradually, in a thin stream. There should be no lump formation. For dilution of glue, use only cold water. Stir it for about five minutes. If there are still lumps in the liquid, strain it through a colander.
Apply glue evenly. Thereby you prevent the formation of bubbles when sticking. In order to get rid of blisters, use a roller.With it, carefully work the surface of the wallpaper. Smooth wallpaper cloth need from the center to the edges. Do this until all the protuberances with air or glue disappear. At the moment, many manufacturers of glue are already added to the composition of various anti-fungal substances. They prevent mold on the walls.
Synthetic glue is quite popular. However, you need to be able to use it correctly. To begin with, coat the plastered wall with a paste. After that, immediately paste the pre-oiled newsprint. It should dry completely. On it it will be already possible to stick the wallpaper smeared with paste. Press them against the wall with a dry cloth. Completely remove the air bubbles.

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