How to direct the child to the right track

How to direct the child to the right trackThe choice of the genre of life script. Opinion of parents
Parents are trying not only to outline the storyline, but also to determine the genre in which the life scenario of their pupil will develop. How to send a child in the right direction?


Tragedy. Some parents impose a tragedy on the child. Here everything is doomed from the very beginning, the world is hostile, people are unfriendly and separated by an invisible wall, man is alone despite all his efforts.


Life is a moneymail of sorrow, it flies surprisingly quickly and the possibility of a happy ending is completely ruled out. And no matter who is right, who is to blame, everyone will die, and despite the efforts and struggle, all the same, according to the verdict of the invisible director, the scene will be covered with fallen bodies.


Drama. Other parents are more optimistic and believe that there is hope. And although the world is filled with desecrated innocence and powerful monsters, yet a positive hero and police can arrive on time and everything will end in a happy ending.


Vaudeville.But perhaps a more parental attitude towards the choice of the life genre. These parents are not afraid of the existence of evil, and they adhere to the opinion of the brave soldier Schweik that “if people wanted only good for each other, they would have fought more quickly”.

Such parents normalize the existence of evil, call upon the child to enjoy the beauty of the world and the joy of human intercourse, while not forgetting to pump up muscles to repel the attacks of ill-wishers.


Philosophical observation. Any life scenario, in the opinion of these parents, should develop in a calm channel, which gives an opportunity to guess the secrets with which the world is filled. The people around us and ourselves are full of secrets, which can only be guessed as a result of calm and friendly observation.

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