How to distinguish natural essential oil

A drop of oil trapped on a cloth or sheet of paper, after evaporation, often leaves a speck of color, especially with rose, blue chamomile and jasmine oil. A sign of a natural product is the absence of an oily sheen in place of the evaporated drop. Note that the process of evaporation of natural oil, depending on which plant it is made from, takes up to several hours and even days.
A good aromatic substance has a pure aroma. So mandarin smells like mandarin, and mint - mint. In this case, the smell should be soft, not harsh. Natural oils, unlike synthetic, are not characterized by sharp drops, aggressive shades and notes of technical impurities. This product cannot be used.
Qualitybutternot too cheap. It is necessary to understand that a complex production process requires considerable expenses, and the volume of output is not so great.
All incense must be certified.Ask for a copy of the certificate for review. The word "restored" indicates that you have a synthetic fragrance. Remember that the effect of the original is fundamentally different from the action of the synthetic product. For example, the natural flavor of vanilla helps overcome cravings for sweets and reduces appetite, and artificial - helps to increase appetite.
Bubble in which is soldbuttershould be made of dark glass: blue or brown. Manufacturers know for sure that essential oils are very sensitive to light. Also considered is the property of oils as the ability to gradually evaporate in the open air. Therefore, the bottles for natural oils, in addition to the tightly lapped cork, are equipped with a fixing tape, like with medicines and a dispenser.
Read the label carefully. Ensure that the product is annotated with a barcode. The volume of the substance in the vial and the batch number must be indicated. The label of the refined, ready-to-use medicinal oil contains this indication: “Absolute 100% essentialbutter". Ifbutterdiluted, then the name of the carrier oil and the percentage ratio of the essential and oily constituents should be indicated in the abstract.

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