How to distinguish the original Hermes Elixir Des Merveilles perfume from a fake?

The world famous brand Hermes produces superb, exclusive fragrances for both women and men. These are valuable perfumes that are in great demand among consumers all over the world. That is why fans of this brand may be subjected to tricks of fraudsters, buying them a fake. First of all, it is worth considering that such products should be purchased in specialized stores. We recommend to buy Hermes perfume in the online store Alfa-Perfume, which specializes in selling high-quality and branded products.

In addition, you yourself have to figure out how to look genuine product. Let's take the example of the sweet aroma of Hermes Elixir Des Merveilles, which is present in the catalog of the online store, to figure out how to distinguish the original from the fake.


This Hermes perfume is sold in a box wrapped in cellophane. Carefully inspect the condition of cellophane so that it is whole.If you bought a box without cellophane wrapper, you have a pathetic parody in your hands.


The text �EAU DE PARFUM. VAPORISATEUR. NATURAL SPRAY. In the middle, in dotted capital letters, the embossed text "ELIXIR DES MERVEILLES" is present. But keep in mind that even if the packaging of a fake fragrance is not distinguishable from the real one, this does not mean that you bought a genuine product. Therefore, we go further.

On the back of the box in its lower part, the composition of all the ingredients that make up the fragrance should be indicated. And on the side - the image of the bottle with the name of the model. In this case, the letters to the touch should be "depressed."

From the bottom of this package, the text �VENTE EXCLUSIVE PAR LES DEPOSITAIRES AGREES HERMES PARFUMS� is printed in white letters, below - the address of the manufacturer, the country of origin (France), the alcohol content (77%) and the bar code. Be sure to check that the serial number 4LAAL on the box and the bottle is the same.


At the top of the original box there is a brand logo. Carefully inspect the print quality and its size, the font of the emblem and the distance between the letters, which should be the same, and the letters themselves should not �float�.

Inside packaging

Perfume from the French manufacturer in the upper part inside the box has two dents of strip, as well as a special frame made of cardboard so that the bottle does not hang in the package. Often, scammers save on this important detail.


On the bottle is printed text with the name of the fragrance. The letters, like everywhere else, are capitalized, white, written �dotted�. It is noteworthy that from the beginning to the end of the text the font increases. The following elements must be present on the reverse side: an indication of the volume and concentration (30 ml, FL), 5 stars, as well as the inscription "Eau de Parfum Vaporisateur - Natural Spray - MADE IN FRANCE". The inscription "HERMES PARIS", located at the bottom, is made in mirror image.

Little cap

A fake can often be calculated by the inaccurately engraved inscription "HERMES PARIS" on the lid of the bottle or even by its absence. No matter how trite it may sound, the dispenser should be located strictly in the center, however, fraudsters often sin in this component. The tube deserves special attention - in original bottles it is neat, transparent, smooth and ends a little earlier than the bottom of the bottle.

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